#Chrishemsworth counts on his other 2 kids after realizing what the third one wants to be when he grows up

    A Child's Phases of life

    We guess Thor has stayed long enough on earth to know exactly what it means when you little son wants to be a super hero when he grows up. Aussie Actor and a piece of the Hemsworth pod, Chris, has revealed that he is lucky enough to have two other kids on hearing what the third one is hoping to become when he grows up.

    With his Son being at that age where you want to become a happy and fun Super hero, saving lives and being loved and keeping the world peace on check. Chris is however insinuating that his baby boy can’t exactly make it through life by being infact a super hero. However, look at him speaking right? Chris is exactly leading a life his baby boy wants, so I am just wondering if he thinks his son is being unrealistic with his future plan. Well if history has thought me anything, it is that this is just a phase in this young boy’s life, and I just can’t go ahead and lend him my support because he is likely to change future ambition next month. It is just a phase in a child’s life. an adorable phase I do say so myself.

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