#Kevinhart gets back at #NickCannon for sending him a #Lama for his birthday

    #Kevinhart gets back at #NickCannon for sending him a #Lama for his birthday

    There are all kinds of prank in Hollywood, there is more amongst the males,and it even gets worse among the black males. This was the funny case for Comic Actor, Kevin hart, who recently turned 42 years old.

    Since he is the highest grossing black Comedian, he is assumed to have everything he wants. So when his colleague and buddy Nick Cannon (the father of new borns), decided to get him a gift for his birthday, it got a little intense, because, what can you get Kevin Hart for his birthday?? 🤦🏾‍♀️. This was the thought we assumed went through Nick Cannon’s mind when he went right ahead and got Kevin Hart a Lama for his birthday.

    Nick Cannon gifts Kevin Hart a Llama

    The father of four received the Lama and showed some unplanned gratitude on his Instagram page while being laughed at by his wife, Eniko Hart, as he went in by trying to walk the gentle giant creature. While Kevin assumed alot of things about the animal, he realized quickly that being walked and taking commands isn’t one of them.

    A billboard asking people to call and ask for fatherhood advice from Nick Cannon goes up in the name of Kevin Hart

    Kevin however had his wife make a video and take a photo of him and his beautiful gift, before posting on Instagram. Days later unsuspecting a revenge plot from him, Nick Cannon got his revenge right on time, when Kevin Hart posted up his number on a bill board asking everyone to give him a call for advise on fatherhood. And just like that, fans did call and it was indeed Nick at the other end of the phone taking these calls from total strangers abd cussing out Kevin .

    Kevin Hart gifts Nick Cannon a condom vending machine

    After feeling cheated and the need to say a thing or two about Nick Cannon baby making technics, Kevin gifted him a condom vending machine, which Nick is clearly not going to use, following his clear plan to make these babies and spread his DNA all around. He is being advised to probably gift these girl pants for pregnancy, since it is something that will definitely happen.

    Nick confidently gets these ladies pregnant, having them make their in pregnancy announcement that they are pregnant af on social media. One good thing is that of these ladies has accused him of neglecting them, or getting leaving pregnant and homeless so far, and non is underaged or a Pregnant teenager, featured in the Pregnant at 17 show. Their pregnant belly be so cute, without then needing pregnancy belt, they sure have their various pregnancy books, These things are definitely for the books, he clarified that none of them were pregnancy by mistake.

    They happily rocked their pregnancy cloths, kept their pregnancy diary in their pregnancy fit, like the pregnant jeans, pregnant leggings, pregnant jacket, pregnant hoodie and pregnant jumpsuit, pregnant sweatshirt and pregnant underwear with their tight knight pregnant friend group, especially if it belongs to a celebrity, so they are obligated to protect their pregnant person from the world, social media and paparazzi. Then shower them with pregnant presents, having their pregnant planner lead them through it all. Pregnant vitamins were probably made available to them when it was needed .

    But so far, non of these pregnant women is a pregnant wife to him yet. They engage in their Pregnant workout and simply enjoy the phase She’s Pregnant by Nick Cannon.

    At this point, he has to be featured in a movie titled Barbie pregnant , about to find out if these females are simply just queuing up, or maybe there is something he specifically looks out for. They will need to show the world how fit to be Pregnant they are. Because these days we simply hear I’m pregnant, and they are all by Nick Cannon. Not pregnant, should be the new I’m pregnant.

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