The Most #Iconic photo of 2021#AngelinaJolie

    Iconic Photo of Angelina Jolie

    A beautiful, risky but yet powerful photo of Actress Angelina Jolie has made it’s way to the very top of the list of ‘iconic photo’ of 2021.

    According to the picture that was shot for National Geographic on March 15, 2021., Angelina Jolie posed calmly while a hive of bees settled all over her. 🐝 🐝 🐝

    The legendary actress stayed calm despite knowing risk of having such a shoot . The mother of five was said to have sat still for a stretch of time in a quiet room, while the active bees were set on her.

    she didn’t have her nose, eyes or ears protected against any stings, so the possibility of the bees flying into her nose, eyes or ears was left open, as they they maintained silence and serenity through out the shoot, just so no one startles or sets off these beautiful creatures.

    The possibility of a sting stood conspicuous before her, but she never let that top her from taking part in this iconic photoshoot. Angelina is pretty much know for her brave choices and this is no different.

    The essence of the shoot was to promote and depict nature at its finest, and with Angelina being at the forefront of Sustainability and nature, who else was best for the role except her? Guess the bee hive fans would have had a better suggestion for us.

    In a world full of internet and smart phone pictures and videos, you can see why this is considered an iconic photo and video of the year 2021, Plus I see her eyes scared for that ambitious bunch to get in there.

    Photo and video by @danwintersphoto

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