#Triplets : Singer #KizzDaniel begins spoiling his twin boys after losing the third

    #Triplets : Singer #KizzDaniel begins spoiling his twin boys after losing the third

    Catchy singer Kizz Daniel is experiencing fatherhood alongside loss of a child hand in hand. The famous Nigerian singer who recently revealed that he had fathered twin boys, is yet again revealing that they were infact triplets, but he lost the third one to a birth complications.

    Kizz Daniel

    Kizz who has been rumoured to be dating one his female colleagues, is still not revealing the lady he had the babies with.

    Not that it is any of our business but it is infact our business. Kiss Daniel has shown the depth of his obsession with the twins, after posting a photo of him sitting alone on a sofa while a business trip far away in Ethiopia. He posted an Instagram photo, explaining how much he misses his boys all the way from Ethiopia.

    The twins, who said we’re triplets at birth,are said to twinning for their late brother who died at birth.

    Father hood changes people who want to be changed, and this is no different for the Nigerian singer. It motivates you to work harder than usual, so you can be the best father for your children just like the singer.

    He posted a photo of his newly acquired house house on Lagos island , and revealed it is for his boys.

    The father of two added that he made a promise to their late brother, who couldn’t survive childhood complications . The singer neither revealed if the boys were conceived through IVF nor the identity of their Mother. But we will patiently wait for clues and cues because babies dey shak new parents, So we will let him or her slip. Who ever does first, we will be waiting.

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