#Lady narrates how an #explosion disfigured her three weeks after her #wedding


    A lady has narrated her ordeal two years after she is finally up and fast in recovery.

    This beauty is grateful for life and second chance after it seemed she had lost her life to the unexpected incident just three weeks after her wedding. If it were to be in Nigeria, they would have said a scorned Ex caused it.

    ✓ SHE SAID: An explosion in our home, 3 weeks after our wedding🥺July 9th, 2019 —> July 9th, 2021Two years.730 days.

    A fight for my life.Our story.Today marks two years since our world came crashing down around us.

    Having been married for only 3 weeks, we were just home from our honeymoon, unpacking, building our new life, and excited for our first home.We were on track.

    We were headed toward our goals. We were right on schedule. I was a nurse and Kevin had just started his third year of medical school.In an instant, it all changed.

    Couple showing gratitude for a second chance in life

    An explosion in our home initiated the scariest challenge ever given, the fight for our lives.It was like a dream and reality at the same time.

    It was the shock of suddenly staring death right in the face.The dream-like reality quickly turned into a real-life nightmare.I remember each moment with astounding clarity.

    While Kevin was also injured, his recovery is often overshadowed by mine. Even so, he endured much pain as well, having:• 35% of his body burned mostly to the 2nd degree.• Some 3rd degree.• 2 days in the burn ICU.• 3 weeks hospitalized.• 4 surgeries.For me:• 96% of my body was burned to the 2nd and 3rd degree.(Chance of survival, slim).• 2 weeks of a medically-induced coma.• 3 months in a burn ICU.• 2 months in a rehab hospital.• 27 surgeries.

    So, many other things… One day, we will talk about it all.Words cannot articulate all of my feelings, but God…He stepped in that day, exactly two years ago, and He’s been there every painful day since then.

    It’s only by his grace that we’re here today.Today is sad. We mourn what’s been lost, but we’re thankful. We’re grateful. We are full of faith. We’re full of hope.

    Couple after their accident and after recovery

    Even as tears run down our faces, we take comfort in knowing we’re in His hands, and He is writing our story.Today, we’re choosing to look forward.

    Today, we’re choosing to rejoice over what a celebration this day brings.We chose two words to declare over our lives.JOY & TRIUMPH.Joy:⁃ a determined choice to praise God in every situation⁃ To rejoice⁃ A feeling of true happiness@medleyregan 🙏❤️

    Couple showing gratitude
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