A Couple’s Ring Bearing Drone awkwardly malfunctions at the Altar

    Savage drone

    Trying to make an event too special, always ends up backfiring. Because when they tell you that there is beauty in simplicity, some people simply decide to go the complex route, and this was the case with this couple. They wanted to relief humans of all their daunting responsibilities and burden the technological beast.

    This couple thought it special to get a drone to deliver their ring at the Alter. But Unfortunately for them, the drone was having a bad day, and had to find a victim to transfer the aggression on.

    Watch how the drone didn’t completely fly away, but tormented the congregation by still hanging around to make them chase it to no avail. Talk about a savage drone.

    Moment the drone was seen messing with the couple on their special day. #savagedrone
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