#BBN #Arewa Housemate #Yousef engages in thick #romance with #Angel

    Sex is Perhaps done by everyone

    It is no doubt that Big Brother Naija has gotten the most public backlashes from the North, for it’s level of immorality shown on national TV.

    But BBN organizers, perhaps thought it wise, to pick a Northerner this year 2021, just for the sake of peace and morality.

    Because being the most populated region of Nigeria, one would wonder how the Arewas manage to double in population size in two days without showing any form of sexual of romantic expression in public.

    So, when a big brother housemate showed up bearing the name Yousef, we were all sure that the Northern Naija had come together to hand pick the true model of morality for the region.

    Who would have thought that our dear model had sexual urges, talk more of expressing them with an infidel?.

    Yousef and Angel in action, in the other room .

    Now the video making rounds shows a topless Yousef laying in bed, while a semi clad Angel was on top of him, touching his hair, and having a romantic moment .

    I guess Nigerians thought wrong when they assumed he was different huh!?… Wait and see,, the Arewas are coming after him with their hypocritical, judgemental, brain washed Twitter rants and religious manipulations, in 1,,, 2,,,3,,,

    Because Baba Sha enjoyed his Beautiful moment with the Angel of the show 😇.

    In Conclusion, if there is one thing about the Arewas, it is that they love sex and sexually matters.

    Arewa people how Market na?? I never thought you people knew how to touch a woman, I thought sex was done through Bluetooth. 🤣🤣

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