#ClimateChange : #Pollution thickens as world’s biggest tire #graveyard goes ablaze

    Climate change

    What do you know about pollution? Can you look at place and know that it is being polluted, or about to be polluted? Well, here is one sight to practice your ability to spot it.

    According to a disturbing post made by Discoverearth on Instagram, A humongous waste land for tires, has been posted to be on a very serious fire, letting out a thick smoke to the environment.

    The Burning 🥵 tire Graveyard in Kuwait

    Here is the most horrible sight you would see today. This can’t be put out easily. But I don’t see any attempt to have that done in the first place.

    This sure poses a threat to the health of persons and communities that reside around and even far.

    This will smell, it will hurt internal organs are they breath it in, it will settle on cars and roofs, on plants and the ground.

    Interiors of a building will have dark stains, and eventually, our planet will definitely feel the effect of this crappy behaviour.

    The manufacturers of tires need to come up with a safe way to get rid of it. I guess this are the tires that have been condemned and tagged useless.God help us.

    This Hurts my eyes and the world’s climate

    Reposted from @discoverearth Our planet deserves better 💔The world’s biggest tire graveyard, located in Kuwait’s Sulaibiya neighbourhood is on fire.

    These fires are not only extremely challenging to put out, but their smoke is also filled with toxins…the black, thick wall of smoke can even be seen from space, and the toxicity of the fire poses a serious health and pollution concern for both the planet, wildlife and humans.

    Companies and governments must find more sustainable ways to handle vehicle tires and other waste!🇰🇼 #recoverKuwaitDM/Email for credit via @karmagawa

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