Nigerian Man devastated after Fiancee allegedly stole his Valuables

    Love gone Sour

    A Nigerian Man had come on the internet to reveal his devastating plight of how his fiancee made away with his Valuables.

    The Devastated Accuser

    According to devastated man who looked like he had been crying for his love and property all at the same time behind the camera.

    The police has declared the said lady, Wanted. After he alleged that she had robbed him of his valuables.

    We cant tell if this was a reaction to a cheating scandal or even a revenge plot from the lady, but we are listening though.😋

    After a beautiful public engagement a while back, narratives have changed for this Nigerian Man.

    Back when he proposed to the Accused before the going got tough

    According to him, his beautiful Fiancee is wanted by the police, for allegedly stealing his car, Iphone 12 and savings.

    I was wondering if this classifies him as a scorned Ex. Talk about relationship gone south.

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