#TeyanaTaylor ‘s Mum #NikkiTaylor is a whole snack

    Nikki Taylor is a vibe

    It is obvious the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Teyana is a whole fitness and hot Mum vibe, and her mother is one and the same.

    Nikki Taylor’s Grandchild Rue Rose

    Not sure how old Nikki is, but having a 30 year old daughter who herself has two daughters, and still look this good, is worthy of emulating.

    Teyana Taylor is Nikki Taylor’s 30 year old Daughter

    The Grandmother is taking a set of pretty pictures in new York and thought it worthy of sight.

    Nikki Taylor’s Grandchild Junie

    Clearly good looks run in the family. The women of this family will definitely not be aging anytime soon, and it clearly is inspiring to many women of the world.

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