#BokoHaram : May #Nigeria not become #Afghanistan – #RenoOmokri

    Nigeria like Afghan

    From #renoomokri : Nigeria bought 12 Super Tucano jets from the US for $593 million. The Taliban got them for free by defeating the US and the Afghan government.

    With the way Buhari romances Boko Haram, I just pray Nigeria’s 12 Super Tucano jets will not become their property one day!

    Omokri Reno

    Because what is happening in Nigeria today first happened in Afghanistan.

    The rehabilitation of so called repentant Taliban by the US and Afghan government allowed them to act first as spies, then as enemies within, which was a chief causative factor in the rapid victory of the Taliban.

    May Nigeria learn her lessons before it is too late!#TableShaker

    Taliban Soldiers
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