#Taliban : Are Afghans over reacting to the Kabul take over ?

    #Taliban : Are Afghans over reacting to the Kabul take over ?

    The chaotics scene from Afghan today

    Reposted from @abcnews FLEEING THE TALIBAN: Crowd of people rushes towards Kabul’s international airport as citizens try desperately to flee after Taliban takes control of the Afghan capital. #taliban #afghanistan #kabul

    Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial People “fall from plane” leaving Kabul after trying to stowaway as desperate Afghans try to flee the capital.There is chaos in Kabul, Afghanistan, as thousands seek to escape on evacuation flights after the Taliban took control of the capital. At least 4 have been killed in the chaos, two more are said to have fallen from the sky after trying to escape by climbing on a plane.Flights are now said to be grounded at the airport due to overcrowding on the tarmac.

    Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial Traffic gridlock in Kabul as fear gripped Afghans rush to airport to escape TalibanThere has been heavy gridlock in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, from Sunday, August 15 till Monday, August 16 as fear gripped Afghans and foreigners rush to the city’s airports in a bid to escape the Taliban.The US together with the UK have sent thousands of soldiers to Kabul to protect the airport as their citizens and Afghans attempt to travel out.Some US soldiers could be seen helping ease the traffic close to the airport.The Taliban on Sunday, declared the ‘Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan’ shortly after taking over the Afghanistan presidential palace with president Ashraf Ghani fleeing for his life.This comes after the Taliban swiftly took over towns, districts and finally Kabul following the withdrawal of US troops by US president Joe Biden after 20 years of fighting in the country.The Taliban are now in charge of all the seats of power, military outposts, prisons and police centers in the country.📽: @abcnews

    In reality, this is what Taliban is doing after take over

    Reposted from @theperezhilton Utterly bizarre! #Afghanistan #Kabul #Taliban

    The disturbing scene when Afghans over crowd a US plane due to fear of Taliban

    Reposted from @cnn Hundreds of people poured onto the tarmac at Kabul’s international airport desperately seeking a route out of Afghanistan on Monday, after the Taliban’s sudden seizure of power in the country. Footage shows the chaotic crowds trying to force their way onto any airplane leaving the city. Commercial flights from the airport have now been canceled and international airlines are scrambling to reroute flights away from Afghan airspace.(📸: Twitter/@SultanFaizy, Twitter/@sudhirchaudhary and Twitter/@SowaibahH)

    People desperately cling to a US Plane taking off from Kabul Airport

    Reposted from @washingtonpost Hundreds of people ran alongside the wheels of a U.S. military aircraft as it attempted to take off from Kabul’s international airport. Others climbed up the sides of the plane as it edged forward, engines roaring.Some clung to parts of the plane as it jetted upward into the blue sky, with at least one person appearing to fall from a height back to the ground. A local Afghan agency showed images of at least one body that landed on a rooftop in Kabul.Other videos taken as thousands flooded the airport in the wake of the country’s fall to the Taliban showed people dangling from ladders leading to aircraft while others pushed forward to try to board — with or without a ticket.“At least one body fell from aircraft wing, after a stampede by runway. Very dark moment for country,” Joyce Karam, a correspondent for the National, tweeted Monday.Others reported that some people had tied themselves to the plane in a last-minute bid for freedom.

    A symbol of Overthrowing a regime.
    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani who had fled and abandoned his people to their fate after kaliban take over

    Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial Afghanistan president flees country as Taliban seize US made helicopters and advance to Kabul in final onslaught Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani has left the country as the Taliban prepare its last and final offensive into capital of Kabul. Government officials, one from former President Hamid Karzai’s office and another an aide on the Afghan security council, told The Associated Press that Ghani departed the country on Sunday, August 15. Ghani left along with his National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib and a second close associate.The escape of Ghani comes after the Taliban captured US made helicopters and Russian made planes in preparation of an attack on Kabul, the country’s capital of 3 million people that houses the government and foreign embassies.  The Taliban said it would further enter Kabul on Sunday night after spending hours on the city’s outskirts. Reports from Kabul say local police have deserted their posts. The breakdown of law and order in Afghanistan comes as a major foreign policy failure for Joe Biden who announced the withdrawal of US Troops from the country thereby emboldening the militant group . After spending 20 years fighting the Taliban and training over 300,000 Afghan soldiers, the US still finds itself at stage one – a Taliban controlled countrythat could house Al-Qaeda terrorists who could plot attacks against the West.  In the past one week the Taliban has captured over 60 percent of the country and with the president fleeing, and foreign troops evacuating their Diplomatic staff, the total control of Afghanistan by the Taliban is now a matter of when and not if.

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