#Dualipa and the Hadids giving us #Summer #Vacation Vibes

    Hot Summer

    Their Ages

    Dualipa and her boyfriend’s Sister Bella Hadid, are giving us a cool girlfriend summer vibes.

    Both girls are said to be vacationing without their men in a remote setting, perfect for privacy and fun.

    The 24 model is vacationing with her family and Younger Brother’s Anwar’s 25 year old girlfriend at a secluded island.

    22 year old Anwar Hadid is seen in the pictures posted by the happy ladies as they show off their tiny waistlines in their bikinis.

    22 year old Anwar Hadid and his 25 year old girlfriend all lovey dovey

    Family Gathering

    The trips seems like a bring your girlfriend along with the family get away, and we are here for it.

    While all these talks can’t do no justice to the singer and model slender physique.

    we will go right ahead and let you all see these cuties for yourself.

    Vacation luxury

    Being able to travel, has been a luxury at this time, following the COVID-19 era, where you are all expected to stay home and isolate/ social distance.

    Their Islamic Roots

    The bond between Dualipa and the Hadids goes beyond Hollywood. This is because both families are of Islamic decent.

    while the patriarch of the Hadid family Mr Mohammed is a hottie, as well as their mother Yolanda.

    She is equally in the dating circle with her wants, following the good genes she has made prominent in her daughters.

    Over all, this family has significant individual members that represent themselves better than when they are together, unlike the Kardashians who shine better together.

    While it is not an attention grabbing act in the Islamic rites to have an older girl date a younger man, it is however the case when it comes to drinking of liquor.

    But being in the United States is on its own, an exemption from the straineous rules and regulations that govern their relatives back in their home country.

    All Needed

    So let them be their true self in the land of the free and the home of the brave, especially during the his hot Summer.

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