Nigerians impressed with the aging process of ‘Boy Alinco’ from Papa Ajasco

    Boy Alinco' is a Papa

    A new post in Twitter has revealed that the famous Papa Ajasco Character known as Boy Alinco’ is now 53 years of age.

    The slim overly stylish boy, who had his double glasses signature look, was simply a young man not long ago.

    And suddenly he has gotten as old as 53? The guys was a significant figure imprinted on the mind of every Nigerian youth, back then.

    We had a monotony of entertainment, where everyone knew Papa Ajasco, takes by moonlight and the rest of them.

    It is however sad, that the actor didn’t make much devidends from acting like they do these days.

    The is however not far from the truth to assume that these guys are still struggling after this many years of dedication to the act.

    Their counterparts who spent that many years in Hollywood are having their life almost ruined for having that much money in their possession.

    They just enjoyed being known and struggled to maintain the societal image we all had about them in our head.

    How he has managed to remain the same while aging, is something the youths of today are finding impressive.

    With the new era of fitness and wellness gaining more attention, it is safe to say that these Modern day Nigerians are not going to age as fast as their predecessors.

    But hold on a minute, can you believe boy Alinco’ is actually 53 years of age? This directly translates to aging for who ever recognizes the actor.

    So the question here is, if boy Alinco’ is now 53 years, how old are you? because he was everyone’s childhood character back then.

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