Yusuf Buhari’s Groomsmen Flash wad of cash in a bid to #ObiCubana their event

    Wedding Fatiha

    Groomsmen of Yusuf Buhari, the Only son of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria.

    The young men made a video post, where they were seen on a bus ride to the venue of the wedding fatiha.

    On the bus ride, the excited men could be seen making contributions for the bus driver. It is such a lucky day for the driver.

    The need to let the world know when and how everything happened is just the real weirdness in our society.

    Guess we can simply say it is the era of leave a proof for the internet, and these men couldn’t help but go in with it.

    Still wondering what the reason for the gender segregation was . The wedding still went on with the different genders in attendance in different locations.

    The bride was seen as unhappy and many are wondering why, following the fact that she was marrying the president’s son.

    I guess if we decide to investigate it, it goes deep into the roots of family agreement.

    Despite the hype and the dignitaries in attendance, the bride’s face lacked any form of happiness.

    It is being assumed that the lady may not even be in any form of romantic relationship with the said groom, as practiced by the Northerners.

    No one is seeing this whole thing as cute and cuddly. It is the president’s event and we just watch, notice, express our unsolicited opinion and continue out lives.

    Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial Yusuf Buhari’s groomsmen contribute over N500k for the bus driver taking them to the venue of the wedding dinner

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