#Feetfetish : The Photos you haven’t seen in awhile


    Hi guys, long time no feet pictures. The pretty feet photo dump is not something regular but necessary.

    This is the reason I have to ask these questions.

    When last did you take out time to do something special for your feet other than simple a bath ?

    Are you aware that these two guys take you literally to everywhere you go? If you are driving it gets you there.

    If you are on a motorbike, it balanced you. If you are cycling that is even the most, because you need your feet to paddle.

    If you need to get in the plane, the feet first assist you arrive the point of entrance. So why then do we always under-appreciate the feet?

    Do you know some people never lotion their feet?

    Some people treat their feet like an extended part of the body that they don’t have to acknowledge, some even assume the feet is not worthy of all these attention, or can simply take care of itself.

    Others don’t even acknowledge the need to take extra time and gentle rub their lotion.

    Because thru assume that it is too sexual to be paying that much attention to a body part as simple as your feet.

    Some assume their feet produces its own moist and doesn’t need lotion?

    Every part of the body sweats, so why then will you assume that the feet can use its own sweat to take care of itself?

    why not the rest of the body? why not your armpit then? why not your face though? why not ? it is because the feet is far away from your nose and you can’t smell it complaining?

    There are assumptions about the feet. For example, any attention a man is caught paying to his feet, he is mistaken for a gay.

    Any time any one is caught doing anything to their feet other than the usual wash, scrub, lotion, nail polish, they are seen as a very sexual being..


    For something that you depend on 100% percent it is just sad that it doesn’t get any form of care from most of you readers.

    I acknowledge that ee are mostly caught up in our daily hustle, but we also might take out half and hour to soak in soapy water, scrub, take out dead cuticles and skin, dry it out, lotion and possibly apply some nail polish. Nail harder for the shy ones, and coloured for the proud ones.

    If you don’t and won’t do this, then atleast have the money to pay someone to do all these to you while you seat back and check out social media posts.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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