#DenzelWashington and Wife #PaulettaWashington have been married for 38 years

    Denzel Washington

    The legendary Denzel Washington is said to have been married to his low-key and beautiful wife Pauletta for a whopping 38 years.

    Despite being the crush of every black woman, Denzel has stuck with the women he tied the knot with from way back 1983 till this day.

    They both have nurture 4 black children, and are now basically just kicking it with the reality of times.They are still going strong, and out of the controversial scene of Hollywood.

    This goes to show that the Hollywood breeze blows at everyone, but only those who let it affect them, will be blown away .

    Even though the still look young and active, Denzel is one actor you don’t just run into accidentally.

    If he is to be seen, it will be intentionally and unhidden. He definitely is a great example for the black fathers of Hollywood.

    Not everyone will have the patience and tolerance of Denzel Washington and his longtime wife Pauletta, so not everyone can withstand the Hollywood breeze.

    If there is one thing I have come to know, it is that there is no one rule to life. People plough countless routes and it either works or it simply doesn’t work.

    It will go on to hurt some, and some won’t let it hurt as much. This is the reality of life, and we choose to pick role models of our choice.

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