#Designer Tiannah shares adorable #pregnancy photos and tips


    The soon to be Mother of three, and recently married designer To Tiannah, is yet again showing off her looks in her current condition.

    The new bride and her photographer husband and known to work on, and fish out a great batch if photographed looks got the viewing pleasure of fans.

    She is not disappointing with this look. Tiannah is not only show off the photos, she is adding some tips on what not to say to a pregnant woman.

    Sher is also adding tips on how to raise kids and many more, and calling it the ‘pregnancy series’. She sure worked on the picture no doubt, but the results are outstanding.

    7 things A pregnant woman really hears when you tell her she is “just hormonal”

    from @tiannahsplacempire Let’s educate them abit about negative things to not say to pregnant women , main no no .

    Never talk about a pregnant woman’s hormones, swipe and read and digest , it simply means you are saying she’s crazy ,out of line , delusional and her opinion doesn’t count, Etc .

    they tend to get tensed and worked up , but it’s never in a human beings place who has their right senses to say that to a woman grieving .

    trust me being pregnant can put you in an emotional state you can never imagine and when going through health issues too .

    it might seem like you are grieving atimes , like you have lost something, your body , your free will to do some certain things which you can do anymore .

    tend to stay away from people who tick you off , cause it’s like a time bomb waiting to explode and you might say and do the things you don’t want to ✌️✌️✌️✌️#kingofallqueens 👑

    A pregnant Tiannah and her child

    Educative Session from a single parent Tiannah

    from @tiannahsplacempire A kiss planted is A promise made ,Make it count , every morning, I make sure @thereallordmaine

    place his head on my tummy and feel the baby , they talk to each other , he makes promises on how to protect he or she ,

    when he sees the shape of my stomach change and he feels a kick, he jumps in excitement,

    And he can’t stop asking questions of how he was when he was in my tummy , did my sister TIANNAH listen to me like this ,

    TIANNAH was actually my birthing partner, she was 9 as at that time , the hospital wouldn’t let me but I insisted,

    she cut the cord , we stayed for four days in labor and she witnessed it all , I want my kids to always feel my pain ,

    so they can know how walking in my shoes feels, no matter how small they are , if you are a friend , a brother , a sister or my man and you hurt my feelings ,

    I will tell them and be sure to get an attitude from them when you see them , some say this is not good ,

    well life all good and isn’t rosy all time , they have to learn the hard way, cause there will be a time we won’t be there ,

    you have to teach them young to know not to trust anyone but themselves , life is filled with games ,

    even people who pretend to love you the most can turn out to be the enemy rooting for your downfall at your back ,

    prepare them for war and prepare them for greatness aswell , so any situation they find themselves they can blend in ✅Make them hustle for their comfortability ,

    at this age my kids pay their school fees cause they put in a lot of work on their various brands and I made it so,

    a lot say oh let them be kids , guess what a lot of people don’t have a choice than to grow up fast ,

    cause some of us lost our moms Early and had to do grown up things by ourselves 👑The pregnancy series By @theunstoppabletoyinlawani ⭐️The king of all Queens 👑#fashionGoddess👑#TheBusinessmogul 👑#TheserialEntreprenuer 👑

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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