#RIP : Mother devastated at #funeral of five #kids whom she lost to a house fire


    A heart breaking photo making rounds has got the attention of many viewers.

    A black mother is seen broken at the funeral of her five babies whom she lost a fire incident two weeks ago.

    The little children had their coffin decorated according to their personalities, with their pictures clearly printed on the coffin.

    This is one of the saddest thing you would see on the internet today.

    May God Rest the souls of : 9 year old Deontay Davis, 8 year old Heaven and Nevaeh, 4 years old Jabari Johnson and 2 year old Loyal Dunigan.

    Everyone who has come across this photos have said a prayer for the parents of these kids. This is one of those cases where you don’t have every detail, but you don’t mind.

    This is because there is no amount of investigation and questions that will ever sooth the burning pain of this mother.

    No cry, no yell, no consolation got this hurt. It is only God who will help her heal from this . It is a place in this life that we all should pray never to enter.

    Could it be that the children were sleeping when the fire broke out? Could it be that they were locked in? Was this an explosion that didn’t leave them with any chance of escape.

    Heart breaking
    May God Rest their little souls
    So sad
    The kids laid to rest
    Sad Photo
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