Video of #handcuffed Nigerian Men in #Dubai who claim to been profiled


    A video of handcuffed Nigerian Men seated in a tight bus, hand made headlines

    It is no news that Dubai has been very careful with Nigerians following their history with Nigerians.

    This is due to the fact that the fraudulent Nigerian activities in that City have attracted all shades of negative attention.

    Following the Hushpuppi, cult killings and female gang killing story, Dubai let out an announcement for all Nigerians to vacate the city or stand to get regularly investigated.

    One can’t exactly blame Dubai for being sceptic about Nigerians due to what they have endured for sometime now, in their hands.

    But what the negative implication of this may be, is the fact that the bad beans will ruin the life plans of the good.

    The life plans and the reputation of the well meaning Nigerians who are trying to make an honest living in that City will be ruined for a long time.

    Now with this video making rounds, showing these Nigerians who claim to have been intensely profiled by the Dubai authorities,

    because the cult activities of these Nigerian

    boys in that City is both alarming and damn right disturbing, along side other activities.

    But then again, this same Dubai has been known to comfortably have the back of its citizens who have committed heneous crimes to the blacks.

    For this reason, Nigerians, especially the young ones, will now be at the receiving end of all kinds of investigations and outright profiling.

    So it is hard for the Nigerian authorities to even boldly interfer with what is on going, but we I’ll wait and see the outcome.


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