#Cratechallenge : ‘Don’t do it’ #UBA advises after sharing other uses of crates

    #Cratechallenge : 'Don't do it' #UBA advises after sharing other uses of crates

    Following the recent disturbing #cratechallenge that has left many injured due to peer pressure,

    has gotten the attention of the world as to why anyone would want to try such a challenge.

    The Instagram challenges are known to always come in various forms, some very admirable and wide spread,

    whole other a damn right dangerous and infact, repulsive.

    United Bank of Africa has decided to play the internet Dad role, by advising everyone just like a real Dad would.

    The bank’s official Instagram handle did not only discourage everyone from taking part in the challenge,but has gone a step.ahead to list out other uses of a crate .

    The disturbingly famous challenge has become a worry by the internet, as more and more adults are seen engaging in it.

    While alot of people still wonder why it is yet ongoing, Many people are being convinced to take part in it.

    For example, a video surfaced last week where a US police man was seen taking part in the challenge.

    One would wonder how old and experienced the police man is, to give in to such peer pressure and decide to go on those crates, rather than stop others from partaking in it.

    Tiktok is said to have banned the challenge due to safety reasons :

    From #ubagroup We know what you are thinking but we have three words for you; DON’T DO IT!😒Swipe to see some of the amazing stuff you can do with crates.

    ➡️Don’t get hurt, get crate-ive. 💫#UBACares#AfricasGlobalBank

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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