#Diddy #SeanCombs #daughters debut on the #Dolcegabbana #runway and the #blackcommunity was very well represented in #Italy

    #Diddy #SeanCombs #daughters debut on the #Dolcegabbana #runway and the #blackcommunity was very well represented in #Italy

    The black community showed up and out at the Dolce and Gabbana in Italy. The most being that Sean Combs and his beautiful daughters were making their debut in the famous runway.

    Daddy Diddy wasn’t only going as a chauffer, and a body guard, he was going as proud father and a fan to his beautiful girls.

    The girls were definitely made for the runway, as they strut their stuff, nd didn’t even act like it was their first time.

    Clearly, having daddy with you will sure boost your confidence and make you feel invincible and cute.

    All the girls were dressed alike, and they don’t have a problem being seen as triplets, instead of combs twins and their sister.

    Along side the girls were some other super pretty black girls representing at Italy . Girls like Ciara, Normani, and Megan the Stallion. So impressive.

    Reposted from @the_combs_twins THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this amazing opportunity @dolcegabbana !! We loved our outfits! The whole experience was amazing!! Thank you @patmcgrathreal for making sure our makeup was perfect and @guidopalau for making sure our hair was on point. We’re soooo blessed and can’t wait til next season. Thank you Daddy @diddy ❀️😘. GRAZIE MILLE FROM JESSIE & D’LILA πŸ’‹

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