#Botega : The collective composure Nigerians lack to vote out bad leaders, has been applied in voting out #BBN #Boma and #tega

    Now that you all have voted out Boma and Tega, I wonder who will entertain you in that Big Brother Naija house.

    It has been a day of weird rejoicing, as Nigerian who have been disgusted by the romantic escapade going in between a married Tega and a married woman loving Boma.

    Walta Anga gave his two cents

    Seems these Nigerians took matters into their own hands and ended the bruhaha.

    Known to always channel the right energy to the wrong thing, Nigerians came to a conclusion to take out the duo who many ahve accused of disrespecting the sanctity of marriage.

    Our dear Sister Tega after the eviction

    With four housemates made to leave the house today, Nigerians ensured that Boma and Tega were significantly part of those being evicted.

    🙄 Not Tega already assuming she is famous and about to blow like trumpet from being part of the 2021 big brother house.

    She needs to calm down, cos a certain reputation now precedes her.

    While her extra marital affairs is not enough to dent her financial plan post BBN, she needs to however stop mentioning the whole fame and fortune she expects immediately.

    Talking about they played the script well. Make it stop already. Script who? script where? script how?

    The End of a Reign

    Revealing Angel even made a joke about Tega being married and still having extra marital affairs in the Big brother house.

    Seems these people totally forget they are being watched by the whole world at some point.

    Angel shading Tega in a sarcastic manner
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