#Ghana currently forcing #Nigerians to pay N70,000 daily in #COVID-19 isolation Centers

    #Ghana currently forcing #Nigerians to pay N70,000 daily in #COVID-19 isolation Centers

    Lady has raised alarm on the way Ghana is disturbingly milking Nigerians in the heir land, who have to pay N70,000 on a daily basis in the name of COVID-19.

    A lady is drawing attention to a current and disturbing situation in Ghana.

    While others are isolating COVID-19 positive cases and taking good care of them,

    Ghana is extorting people and ripping them apart with a whopping N70,000 perday

    Why will Ghana take advantage of a global pandemic? why are they seeing this as a source of revenue generation?

    A country is meant to take care of the COVID-19 positive patients, and help them make a recovery.

    How then do you have a person worrying about surviving COVID-19, and also worrying about paying for their survival on a daily basis.

    Does this mean that when a person pays for atleast two weeks, and start running low on money, they would be sent out of isolation? or they will stop receiving medications and treatments.

    The lady in question was referring to a Nigerian singer who is currently in that situation, and maybe raising the alarm, so that he can be rescued from it.

    This all depends on the fact that you can’t take out a COVID-19 patient from one country to another, especially when they are positive, and can infect others.

    Lady raising the alarm

    This needs to be investigated and confirmed.

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