#Psquare : #PeterOkoye continues showing off Wife while his Brother struggles to keep his amid #Divorce #saga

    After news broke that one half of the psquare Paul and Anita Okoye are about to divorce, his brother Peter never reacted to it on social media,

    But we don’t know if he reached out to him in rea life, since both twin brothers have been at war with each other for years now.

    While the speculation started in April when Anita packed up her belongings and her children and moved to the United States without her husband

    Noy getting the reaction she hoped for from her husband since then, Anita went ahead and filed for divorce from her husband of 7 years.

    When the news went viral, Paul responded to it through his lawyer, stating that he wasn’t aware of it just yet.

    And that up untill it gets to him, he doesn’t have a planned response to this news.

    But since then, we have seen Paul and Anita Okoye posting video of himself surprising his kids at school.

    both parties seemed happy posting the videos, but we don’t know if that means a reconciliation.

    We will wait and see then.

    While this is on going with Paul and Anita Okoye, twin brother Peter Okoye is taking out time to show off his wife and children,

    which many say is a shade to his struggling brother, since his wife (Lola) has been the bone of contention for years now,

    it is only weird that it is now his brother that is about to divorce his supposedly perfect, late Mum approved Wife.

    After the video post, Paul Okoye is seen at Miami allegedly receiving a much graved fresh air abi breeze.

    This is just the 5th of September and the matrimonial spill so far is deafening.

    Fix it Lord.

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