#ScornedEx : #TontoDike’s Dramatic Ex-Boyfriend #PrinceKpokpogri hails her Ex-husband #OlakunleChurchill after she dumped him

    #ScornedEx : #TontoDike's Dramatic Ex-Boyfriend #PrinceKpokpogri hails her Ex-husband #OlakunleChurchill after she dumped him

    Tonto Dike’s dramatic Ex boyfriend Kpokpogri is said to have started becoming very dramatic after their breakup.

    Few Months ago when they were still going strong

    The South south man was caught on record revealing that Tonto Dike is a hand full when she she smokes, which is often, and that he was sleeping with someone else.

    Few Months ago when Tonto gifted him a Car or House for his birthday

    When the audio came out, the supposed Prince denied it, claiming his voice was doctored and used in the audio in a bid to end the relationship.

    A certain unknown man has become known after he started dating Tonto Dike, and now he is riding on it to make something out of nothing.

    They looked happy

    After Tonto reacted to the audio and ended things with him, He became a scorned Ex, and started sending shout out to her Ex husband and calling him a ‘real man’ and ‘Helen Troy’.

    Pettiness after breakup

    It is always so disappointing when a grown man who was assumed to be mature, is caught doing the smallest, pettiest thing ever.

    How is it even necessary to this man to come out and send a shout out to his Ex girlfriend’s husband.

    When she was buying you all those gifts and pampering you, you didn’t send a shout out to the man.

    He looks hella childish with this one. She knows how to pick them for sure.

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