The Idibia family drama lingers even after Nigerians move on

    The Idibia family drama lingers even after Nigerians move on

    Polygamy is no fun. But some people will not agree to this, nor will they suffer what others are suffering.

    Nigerians Singer Tuface is a gentle soul married to Annie Idibia, but he has more children outside wedlock than he has with his legal wife.

    The fight for who gets to be his wife was fierce and intense until Annie won. but this is not victory as she is now left to deal with the reality of many chidlren and mothers.

    Annie and Tuface got married in 2014, since then Annie has been hunting in how difficult it is to live in such situation.

    Now she is finally breaking her silence to call out her husband and his baby mamas.

    According to her, her Co-wives (Baby Mamas), are taking advantage of the kids needing their Dad, to have access to Tuface and possibly having some romantic/sexual encounter.

    Tuface known for his silence and perseverance didn’t respond to this call out, rather his siblings and calling her right back out, and this has become a throw to me and I throw to you situation ship.

    While the Idibia family members are calling Annie out for using drugs and juju, plus hugging the house owned by their brother.

    Calling her a witch alongside her mother who is permanently living with the Idibias.

    They also said she is a control freak who limited access to Tuface, and also attacks him every where due to her anger issues.

    Since this was brought on social media, many ahve seen the need to drop their two cents, while calling out Annie for even bringing her marital and matrimonial issues to social media.

    I’m guessing she had enough and wasn’t thinking straight when he did that, even taking off her husband’s name from her Instagram handle, only to bring it right back hours later.

    Sadly she is in it for life. Now many are saying Tuface should simply go ahead and just marry Pero the mother of this three kids and call her the second wife, since this is already what it is.

    Clearly the issue isn’t ending now, but we are all bored with the intensity of marital affairs being spilled on social media.

    This issue is something they need to come together and decide, not involving the internet.

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