#Cardib ‘s birth announcement photo gets almost 13 million #Instagram likes in one day

    #Cardib 's birth announcement photo gets almost 13 million #Instagram likes in one day

    Cardib ‘s birth announcement photo gets almost 13 million Instagram likes within a day of revealing she now has a son.

    Wife, Mother and Singer Cardib revealed over 24 hours ago that she had welcomed her second child and first son.

    Such huge likes for her picture within 24 hours goes to show just how loved she is by her fans

    The After birth picture

    The 28 year old mother of two has officially made her 29 year old husband Offset a father of five in addition to the three other children he fathers with the other women.

    Cardib made the announcement yesterday, as the photo now has over 13 million Instagram likes.

    She was seen rocking short nails which happens to be a rare sight on Cardib. Guess birthing is no time for extremely long and pointy nails.

    The active rapper shocked fans when she revealed she had given birth, because no one thought the pregnancy was that far long, as she was busy the whole time making music and endorsements.

    Cardib reportedly gave birth on the same day Beyonce turned 40 years, making her baby a Beyonce birth mate for life.

    Could it be planned ? We never know. Congratulations are in other for Big Sister Kulture, and the entire family.

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