#GigiHadid bakes a cake inspired by #TaylorSwift #Grammy Outfit

    #GigiHadid bakes a cake inspired by #TaylorSwift #Grammy Outfit

    Gigi Hadid reveals the cake she had baked back in July after Grammys, which bore a similar look to the Taylor Swift’s floral look.

    The news wasn’t yet as public as it should, but I only just came across the news and I can’t believe such a beautiful thing was done I didn’t even notice it.

    And now Gigi Hadid bakes to show off baking skills with a cake inspired by Taylor Swift floral #Grammy Outfit

    Who would have thought that Gigi is such a good baker? Motherhood and brought out the side of him that we never took time to notice.

    Taylor is known to be friends with the models, because she is as tall, if not more than them.

    But however, during the pandemic, everyone has lay low and Taylor used her time to release her album ‘folk lore”.

    It is adorable to know that she and Gigi still maintain contact and stay friends after this while.

    Now this is adorable to say the least, because back in 2016, 26 year old Taylor Swift celebrated Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday with a beautiful cake at Coachella, and that made Gigi so happy.

    Their friendship has stood the test of time for sure.

    The Post from Gigi Hadid back in 2016

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