#KodakBlack sings #Tuface’s hit song #AfricaQueen

    #KodakBlack sings #Tuface's hit song #AfricaQueen

    Hold up, So Americans are not only listening to the current Nigerians songs,

    but also going way back to old Nigerian songs to dig them up and listen to them.

    This is not only impressive but elating for me as a Nigerian, to know that so much interest is out there for Nigerian songs.

    It is no doubt that Nigeria is now the musical capital of the Continent Africa,

    but no one thought as far as these Americans going as far as digging deep into our old music ,

    learnt I sing them and proudly displays them on social media.

    The chunky dread rapper is seen in the video, wearing an African looking print, happily singing to the hit song,

    and interestingly performing to the phone camera 🤳 held Infront of him .

    If this is a shout out to Tubaba, then it is coming at the right time,

    as the singer is in need of a pick me up following the current ongoing tough side of polygamy with his wife and the mother of his children.

    Kodak black singing
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