Even My mistake will speak grace for me – #AnnieIdiba claims after her matrimonial Issues becomes stale on #IG

    Even My mistake will speak grace for me - #AnnieIdiba claims after her matrimonial Issues becomes stale on #IG

    After Annie Idibia brought her home front issues to the unconcerned, topic loving and seeking,

    no problem solving internet users who would be so glad to have the whole world present their problems to them rather than solve it.

    Annie who is married to a man who has other women who bore him older kids,

    is now letting us know that her life is not as awesome as it seems,

    and it was time for us to know just how much she is going through, without realizing that we all go through things as well.

    Now that her Husband Tubaba stayed silent while every other person had something to say, she, her brother and inlaws let out alot, before going silent again.

    He is finally saying something, being that this whole thing started from his choices.

    And now it is coming back to bite him like a snake, and he is breaking his silence with this speech.

    She neither addressed nor denied any of the issues, but asked for privacy everyone on the name of God.

    I admit that brining our personal issues on social media was not cool,

    but I will not sit back and watch everyone have a free for all battle here in the name of love or solidarity.

    Nine of us is perfect. I will like to urge our families and supporters to stop the madness

    and the public to please respect our privacy and our kids, let us deal with our issues internally . I take God beg una.

    The trio

    Meanwhile, before his speech, The audio that was released by Annie when her husband played her for a fool,

    as he woke and told her he was going for a shoot only to leave her behind and travel to the USA

    In the audio she threatened thunder and brine store on how she is going to scatter everything,

    how she doesn’t deserve what has been done to her,

    how the Idibias have hated her for ten years now, and she has been nothing but good.

    This is however not the same thing being said about her by the Idibias.

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