#Nigerians Impressed with an Incredible life-like #WeddingCake

    #Nigerians Impressed with an Incredible life-like #WeddingCake

    The “not so easy to please Nigerians”, are Impressed with an Incredible life-like cake that has left them speechless and full of praises for the baker.

    The effort put into a royal event cake has left Nigerians in awe, after the baker put in a significant effort to have the cake look life-lik to the seat of a king.

    According to source, an Anambra lady specifically had the cake made in honour of her father the King, to mark his 25th year on the Okpuno throne.

    Lady bakes a throne-like cake to mark her dad, Igwe Okafor’s 25th year as a king in Okpuno, Anambra State

    With the identify of the baker concealed, many Nigerians begin search for the baker whose work has spoken for him/her.

    The cake looks so much like a royal seat in size and design,that a minute perosn can literally lounge on it.

    So much effort was clearly put into creating this vision and it is only appropriate to locate the baker and have her work go farther than it already has.

    The person or group of persons who contributed to making this beautiful cake a success story, deserve to have their names and social media handles identified . Long live the king

    Behold the beautiful wedding cake looking like a royal red seat with gold finishing

    How incredible is this to be honest? Many will run with the idea of what they ordered not looking close to anything they received,

    but wouldn’t even give the same energy to when they actually get what they ordered. This is an impressive cake.

    Many will over look the significance of a good cake in an event, not knowing that as a baker,you can literally ruin a couple’s day by giving them a horrible cake .

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