Stars who paid homage to Fashion Icons in their #MetGala looks

    Over 24 hours since the met gala and the news stay buzzing with looks, dates and designers of stars who dazzled on the red carpet.

    Some were elated to wear fits from their favourite designers, other wear happy to shine the spotlight on an upcoming designer,

    while others used their fits to pay homage to someone they hold in high esteem.

    Number 1 Look…

    Late Selena Quintanilla

    Dont be too fast to assume that Latina women wear the colour purple to events just for the sake of it.

    They are a colourful people, but they are also a people with a string sense of family tie.. After dying at a young age back in 1995,

    Selena has been living vicariously through her now famous Latina Sisters. From Selena Gomez to Cardib and now Camilla.

    For her first ever Met Gala, Camilla represented her Late Latina Icon Selena..

    Camilla and Shawn Mendes at the 2021 MET Gala
    YaraShahidi represented Josephine Bakers
    Josephine Bakers
    Yara Shahidi
    Genna chan in the 2021 met gala

    Following the theme of the 2021 Met gala in AMERICA: The Lexicon of Fashion, these stars significantly represented the Fashion Icons and we are here for it.

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