#Grindr App gets petty reacts to #KimK ‘s all black #MetGala look

    #Grindr App gets petty reacts to #KimK 's out black #MetGala look

    Dating App Grindr has taken yike out of their supposed busy schedule to relate to Kim Kardashian’s MetGala all black looks.

    While the App wasn’t infact disrespectful or mocking their star,

    they basically just identified a part of their app that can be referred to as the same or relatable to the Kim k outfit to the recent red carpet event.

    The twitter handle of the Grindr went ahead to speak on the outfit stating :

    “I can’t believe Kim ko went dressed as a blank profile to the #MetGala” Pretty petty.

    I het that many will see this as an attack on Kim, but I’m the contrary. Kim k is a household name, and if you need to identify with her, you might not necessarily go through the good side of things, but on the funny side of things.

    If i am asked, I would say that fr my love of all things black, it is noy strange to reveal that I actually love kim K’s outfit to the MET Gala,

    kim ke exactly what she was going for when she agreed to go in that outfit.

    But the question in everyone’s mind is, did you both realize you loved each other after revealing your divorce plans to the world?

    could it be that they gave the public what it wanted so we can lay off their backs and let them find their happiness ?

    No maybe the fact that stolen things are sweeter has made it even hard to be away from each other.

    In order to spice up their lives they had to be in the state of knowing that they no longer belong to each other, and thag bright them even closer than ever?

    This is because once you go black, you never go back.

    Grindr reaction to the outfit
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