#Lbtq: #Nikitadragun becomes the first #Trans Popstar reveals #Tyga has been in her #Dm

    #Lbtq: #Nikitadragun becomes the first #Trans Popstar reveals #Tyga has been in her #Dm

    Nikita Dragun becomes the first Trans Popstar while revealing some random pictures of people and things, and we are wondering what this all means.

    Now we know the first Trans Popstar is up to something when she flashed certain pictures and video in her X-rated song about the reproductive organs of his male body .

    Now we know Kylie Jenner’s Ex Tyga Is a plastic babe lover, but we never thought he would try out a trans woman.

    He has been spiraling in no direction since Kylie left him. But who would blame him? Nikitadragun is hot.

    Now she is Revealing thing in her first song and includes a DM from Tyga. He is just everywhere. Kylie Jenner and Family must be so proud they don’t have anything to do with him no more.

    Nikita has now left everyone shown in her song wondering if they are there for bad or for good.

    She seems happy with her act. Congratulations and good luck with your new career.

    I am a big fan of Nikitadragun’s so believe me when I say, we all fight to get to a point of significance, and I love how put together she is.

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