#Fans are convinced Singers #Kehlani and #SZA are in a romantic relationship

    #Fans are convinced Singers #Kehlani and #SZA are in a romantic relationship

    Recent photos from Kehlani and SZA have led fans to believe that singers Kehlani and SZA are involved Ina romantic relationship.

    Both singers were spotted on their way to Rihanna’s Met gala after party and that pretty much cemented the speculations fans have on them and their closeness.

    Not so long ago, Kehlani announced she is infact a lesbian.

    The mother of one identifies as a lesbian as well as a queer and pansexual.

    for this reason, it is easy to see where fans are getting their ideas from.

    SZA isn’t out yet, but she gives the girl on girl vibes.

    Until they are ready to let us in on their ship, we will just assume they are two sisters upholding each other in friendship and platonic love.

    Even I see what these fans see.

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