#Fans jump into conclusion after #Basketmouth and #2baba show a little more than brotherly #love

    #Fans jump into conclusion after #Basketmouth and #2baba show a little more than brotherly #love

    Following 2baba’s 46th birthday today, Fans jump into conclusion after Basket mouth and 2baba show a little more than brotherly love to each other.

    The brotherly love

    To wish him a happy birthday, comedian basket mouth wrote : My Baby!! My Love! My Sweetheart!! Happy birthday to you. wishing you the very best in life.

    2baba responded : Basket I thought we agreed to remain in the closet.

    With everyone in this country use to being under a thick blanket of secret, it is easy to assume the worse out of every simple situation.

    Mamy Nigerian men are leading a double standard life.

    Not wanting to openly identify as gay, Nigerian men will get married for the society and continue to live their lives as gay with their gay patterns.

    I’m still wondering why someone has not taken the time out to carry out a result. Oh I know why, he or she might not survive their outcome of that process.

    This is because very influential Nigerians are deep into this, and I don’t intend stopping.

    Now with this two making a joke or whatever about their love for each other,

    you need to see the unbelievable reactions from gay radar human Nigerians who believe that this wasn’t at all a joke from both singers.

    if it is , if it isn’t, then only time will tell and not us.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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