#Makeup Guru #JamesCharles sends #Cinderella vibes in a #Lilac Dress

    #Makeup Guru #JamesCharles sends #Cinderella vibes in a #Lilac Dress

    Makeup Guru James Charles is once again reminding us of his ability by channeling his inner Cinderella in a Lilac Dress and a super blonde hair, while descending a stairway of beauty.

    The hair colour, the dress, the look is incredibly put together for a girlie girl for sure.

    James may have decided to send out this reminder after his fellow girl #NikitaDragun took the Music industry and became self acclaimed first Trans Popstar, and revealed all kinds of things in her kind and DMs.

    She also made it clear that the same man who liked Kylie Jenner also liked her and has been in her DMs from way back.

    The Makeup Guru James Charles channels his inner #Cinderella as a blonde and a pretty one at that. I love me a blonde sister.

    Make up sensation James is reminding us there again who he is and what he can do.

    The makeup sensation is not letting our attention slip while he reintroduces himself in a Cinderella lilac dress that fits him all the way to the end of the stairs..

    Could this be for a campaign I wonder. He sure knows just how to move his millions of fans to him rhyme .

    Whatever this case maybe , he most certainly killed that look, and is about to live rent free in our minds. You go Sister .

    The blonde hair definitely is a good choice for that shade of dress. Nothing says Cinderella more, like a Cinderella herself.

    Cinderella Charles

    Reposted from @jamescharles a dream is a wish your heart makes 💫💙

    photo & video by @jonsams
    hair by @dustinnbakerr

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