#Weightloss #magic : #Actress #Eniolabadmus reveals she has lost 25kg and counting

    #Weightloss #magic : #Actress #Eniolabadmus reveals she has lost 25kg and counting

    big bold and beautiful Actress #Eniolabadmus has revealed she has lost 25kg and still counting.

    oy sure if the actress is promoting a product, but she has not been this candid with how effective a product is to her before .

    The Yoruba actress has been the epitome of weight gains and losses,

    that one time she categorically advised Internet users not to fall victim of the scam activities going on about products that have sliming effects.

    Since we are in the month of revelation and eating your very own vomit 🤮 (hypothetically), it is no surprise that these stars are taking back their words.

    Eniola was obviously scanned before by these internet marketers that she decided to drop her two cents to whom it may concern,

    it is only fair that she takes back her words if she was convinced after all.

    After her advise, she was promised by a certain weight loss product group, that she would definitely lose weight if she tried their reliable product.

    Although has has yet mentioned the product that has helped her lose 25kg weight for the first time in forever. you got this Girl, keep going.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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