Following the cold temperature #Nigerians in #Canada fight for cartons of #Pepper in a #Manitoba #mall.

    Following the cold temperature #Nigerians in #Canada fight for cartons of #Pepper in a #Manitoba #mall.

    Following the cold temperature, Nigerians in Canada fight for cartons of Pepper in a mall. they say everything that glitters is not gold.

    They say people don’t tell you about the reality when you are relocating from your home country,

    leaving behind the family and friends and everything you have ever known, to go start from the bottom in the midst of strange people .

    Many have told those intending to move that they will be faced with levels of temperature they never thought were possible, especially from a place as hot as west Africa.

    Following the cold weather, you would imagine the need for hot and spicy food. This is the reason pepper will be very valuable for these Africans in diaposra.

    A certain mall in Canada didn’t know it was about to erupt a pepper fight when it took delivery of bell peppers for it customers.

    seeing that demand is definitely higher than supply , I mean, this is Nigerians we are talking about,

    they started to fight for it, to get the available necessity before it is all gone and taken home by their fellow relocated compatriots.

    God bless you all. Remember to stay warm and safe out there.

    Reposted from @instablog9ja Nigerians seen struggling over boxes of pepper at a store in Manitoba, Canada

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