If you have really painful periods you may have #Endometriosis – #Amyschumer

    If you have really painful periods, you may have #Endometriosis – #Amyschumer

    Wife other and actress Amy is sharing a handsome tip to women who might be sharing the same health condition as she is .

    For those who can’t decipher what exactly they are going through unless the doctor diagnoses, Amy is helping them with a very vital information .

    Amy posted a picture and video from her hospital appointment and she simply made the post with the most direct diagnosis ever.

    Not specifying if this was from her own experience or a friend’s, Any wrote.

    Amy Schumer ” If you have really painful periods, you may have endometriosis.

    Can’t wait to find out if this is true, or just one of all these celebrity predictions that never go exactly go as plan.

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