#ReginaDaniels joins Husband for a meeting with President of #Saotome on their #Malariaeradication

    #ReginaDaniels joins Husband for a meeting with President of #Saotome on their #Malariaeradication

    Regina Daniels joins Husband for a meeting with President of Sao Tome on their #Malaria eradication

    Ned nwoko is still on going with his malaria works.

    His youngest wife just revealed that she joined her husband for a meeting with the Sao Tome President on the malaria eradication goals .

    from @regina.daniels We had a fruitful meeting with the newly elected president of SΓ£o TomΓ© and principe H.E president carlos vila nova on malaria eradication and tourism in Africa and education amongst other things. @princenednwoko @nednwokomalariaproject @projecttourismafrica My outfit : @reginadanielsfashion

    Ned is big on malaria eradication which gives an impression that he may have a history with the ailment.

    This could either be as a result of a sad experience in the hands of malaria,

    or by a significant family member, which ended up making him so interested in it .

    I still don’t know what significant impact Ned has in the malaria side of things in Nigeria, so I would love to know .

    Taking it to other country as well, I would love to know what impact they have or intend having in the African/Nigerian Malaria.

    In any case, Ned Nwoko has been keen on it , and he doesn’t hesitate to let it be known that he is interested in, and takes action on malaria and it’s effect.

    Someone has to please help me out with a little or some narratives.

    Ned and the Sao Tome President
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