The #Internet left #dumbfounded as a video of a #protective #mother impresses them

    The #Internet left #dumbfounded as a video of a #protective #mother impresses them

    The internet left has been left dumbfounded as a video of a protective mother impresses them.

    The video making rounds as posted by Latina singer and business woman Amara.

    The video started with a simply dressed suspected latina woman,

    was sitting down on a pavement with her back to a wall of red bricks, while her toddler in diaper stood by her side and facing the brick wall.

    With seconds the seated mother was startled by a suspected noise,

    she quickly stood up and over her standing toddler with her hands stretched out to the red brick wall as if to hold it in place or push it back .

    And suddenly, with horror in both their eyes, the woman had this brick wall coming down on her and not her protected son.

    And just as fast as it started, it ended. The little boy’s father came running to them and quickly picks up the little and ran.

    This is a true depiction of the strength of a woman and a mother.

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