Happy 50th #birthday to #PrettyGirl and #Actress #SanaaLathan

    Happy 50th #birthday to #PrettyGirl and #Actress #SanaaLathan

    Happy birthday to Sanaa Lathan. An actress who have in the company of her fellow black Americans,

    page way for upcoming and hopeful black queens, who have the dream of one day standing Infront of the camera and speaking life into role given to them.

    Sanaa has been one of the faces of the black entertainment and we love to see how beautifully she is aging.

    Sanaa is not your average 50 year old, she she looks nothing like her age.

    These set of black women have taken natural care of their black bodies, and the body is paying them back in coins of youthfulness.

    Sanaa if anything, is Benjamin buttoning her way to work and back to entertain her fans and encourage them on a seasonal basis.

    In honour of her 59th birthday todays ago, We have collected some photos of the star, to celebrate her all round achievements.

    P.S She looks so much like her mother.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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