Somebody’s Son better hurry up – Igbo #Actress #YvonneOrji summons from #Morocco

    Somebody's Son better hurry up - Igbo #Actress #YvonneOrji summons from #Morocco

    Igbo American Actress Yvonne Orji is taking time out to attention to her rest, self-care and over all well being.

    The Nigerian residing in the United States, has shared appealing videos from her current vacation in Morocco.

    The beautiful Nigerian Sister was seen in her all blue Moroccan outfit while she posted a gratitude posts from how far she had come from the days when her current life was only a dream.

    Wuth her dreams coming through with more than expected scenes, the happy girl simply showed off herself pouring tea in a beautiful cool off Moroccan inspired kimono on bikini while letting the beautiful liquid flow into her rea cup,

    from her ablution kettle while listening to the current musical wave of her fellow Nigerian Sister, which is titled “Somebody Son” by #TiwaSavage featuring the one any only #Brandy

    Yvonne was listening to it and singing alot while she called forth someone son to come and picture

    from @yvonneorji Today I cried. I wasn’t expecting to.I was minding my business eating a delicious breakfast, when I stopped to take in the beauty that surrounded me, and then I started thinking about how, the life I’m living now, (*Biggie voice*) it was all a dream.•And I don’t just mean the luxury of it all (although: Praise Him!), I mean the freedom that comes from getting back to the ME I was always supposed to be.•It took work, intentionality, saying goodbye, saying yes (and no) and trusting my intuition more than I questioned it. •So I wept as I repeated, “I’m so grateful God for how far you’ve brought me.”•I’m sure the waiter prolly thought, “this woman by herself, must be crying over something sad,” when in fact, I was just praise and worshipping over the best gift I could give to myself:Me.#StillGetting @bamboozledbyjesus #EatPrayLevante#GratefulnessIsFlowingFromMyHeart#StopAndSmellTheRoses#FullMoonEnergy

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