#Austic man wins the heart of #internet users with his #bestman speech

    #Austic man wins the heart of #internet users with his #bestman speech

    Austic man wins the heart of internet users with his tear jerking best man speech at his brother’s wedding.

    A 23-year-old young man named Sam Waldron has gotten the attention of the entire internet after revealing during the best man speech at his elder brother’s wedding.

    Saying that his 27 brother Jonah Waldron, who was the Groom at the wedding, is his ‘Hero’ according to Sam.

    He narrated their live together and having known each other up until that point,

    that his brother Jonah never looked down on him said Austic Sam who won the heart of everyone as he read out the write up.

    He choose the kind gesture to his brother, while reserving it for his brother’s special day as a groom.

    The brother as well as his crowd of wedding guests, were moved to tears by the reading of the 23 year old, that they cried as well.

    now the internet users are at it again about it being a competition to see who can hold back tears the most.

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