#DoraAkunyili ‘s daughter Chidiogo continues to react to Father’s #gruesome #murder in #Anambra

    Reposted from @chidiogo.akunyili Ubuntu – ‘I am because we are’. If this holds true, then the man who pulled the trigger twice is because we are —

    his anger, the injustice of his action, and his violence are because it is mirrored in the world around him.

    If ‘I am because we are’, then my father’s pain gasping for breath in his last moments is because we as a nation are in pain.⠀

    I spoke to him on Monday, just a day before another human willfully took his life. We couldn’t have known it would be the last.

    We spoke about my mother, about the award being bestowed upon her the next day and how it was a birthday present from her to me.

    He asked after his newest grandchild whom he had given the name Mmesomma — ‘the one who does only beautiful things’. And above all, he bemoaned the state of things in the country.

    As a surgeon, always frontline with the people’s suffering, he shared just how visible the current hardships were. Patients, he said, were no longer able to pay for care.

    It didn’t help, he added, that no one was safe. I asked him if he was being safe and he assured me that he was, going on to share that he never went out anymore And was sure to be home by 6.

    Convinced, I reminded him to be even more careful and to take care of himself.⠀If Ubuntu holds true, that he is —

    a son, a beloved father, a loving grandfather, a healer, a papal Knight, Agbalanze of Agulu, a friend, a brother, and so much more —

    then this is an invitation for us to find the good in us. We can choose a different path… this current one leads to more senseless death and pain for one too many.⠀#chikeakunyili #iambecauseweare #remember

    A statue of late Dora Akunyili in Anambra

    Reposted from @chidiogo.akunyili “In Igbo culture of southeastern Nigeria, the power of words has always mattered, for words form stories, and stories shape mindset and reality.

    When I was born in 1954, a kola nut was broken in honour of my birth, and isee — “and so it is” — was chorused along with prayers for a long and prosperous life.

    To support these prayers to take root, I was given the name Dorothy Nkemdilim Edemobi. Dorothy means “gift of God,” and Nkemdilim,

    “let what is mine be unto me”; in other words, “may my destiny be fulfilled.” Edemobi is short for edeimobi, meaning “I rest my soul.”

    My name in full was the prayer for the “gift of God whose destiny will be fulfilled so that I may rest my soul” — a heavy name for a newborn girl.”

    #memoir #IAmBecauseWeAre #DoraAkunyili #excerpt

    Preorder your cop(ies) today 🙏🏾

    Reposted from @chidiogo.akunyili It is with great joy that I share with you the news that the book I’ve dedicated a massive chunk of the last four years to birthing, working title

    “‘I Am Because You Are’ – Conversations with my mother Dora N. Akunyili,” will be published in the Fall of 2021 by @houseofanansi,

    the same ones who brought us @therealmargaretatwood 🌼⠀Yesterday, Oct. 1, Nigeria celebrated 60 yrs of her independence from British rule.⠀

    The book opens with a dedication to Nigeria in my mother’s own voice, as is most of the book. It reads “…

    I am proud of Nigeria despite the challenges…I love this country with a passion. Without this country, there will not be me…

    the country has made me who I am.”⠀It is fitting that at 11:45 PM on Wednesday, September 30, the eve of this day of celebration of Independence 60 years later,

    an event which took place when she herself was only 6, I handed over her story. I am no believer in auspicious coincidences.

    And in everything, I see signs of winks of divine guidance. It is the breadcrumbs that lead me through life.⠀

    It is what has led this story to come to life. 🙏🏾The last years of filling blank pages with her story have been a journey of leaning even more deeply on the broad shoulders of trust in the guidance that is our birthright.

    ⠀I have been held and guided every step of the way, by Spirit, by ancestors, by my intuition and deep listening.

    This guidance has led to a most welcome partnership with Anansi. A partnership that, which according to them,

    is the pivotal beginning of their publishing more African voices and in so doing ensuring that yours and our stories are shared with the world.

    It was my mother’s belief that the stories we tell shape reality.

    “We have beautiful stories to tell the global audience and we have to put ourselves in a position to lend our voice to say this is who I am.”

    ⠀Blessed to be part of this unfolding.⠀To everyone who has held me and will hold this book, I am because you are,

    and I cannot wait to share with you the power of this belief through the life and story of a woman whose being continues to inspire so many.⠀ #DoraAkunyili #HerStory #SheROARs #houseofAnansi #AfricanVoices #OurStory #Nigeria

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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