An Asian Man #JonnyKim proves that you can be the Master of all trades

    An Asian Man named Jonny Kim proves that you can be the Master of all trades.

    According to a Twitter post from #HarjinderSinghKukreja @SinghLions ,

    A Man named Johnny Kim aged 37, has changed his career three times and has attained a significant level in all three careers.

    According to him, Mr Kim is a Navy Seal, and Harvard Doctor, and a NASA Astronaut.

    On seeing this, a Nigerian Man felt the need to remind him not to let any Nigerian old parent come across the post, because,

    it will mean all kinds of comparison from these parents between their unsuccessful children and Mr Kim,

    especially those who have for any reason changed career and are still not successful with any.

    Nigerian parents are known to always compare milestones of their children with that of their peers.

    Going by these achievements, a Nigerian parent will outrightly say ” Those are having three careers don’t have three heads.”

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