#Independence : #Google celebrates Nigeria @ 61 years

    For her Independence, Google celebrates Nigeria at 61 years.

    Today being October the first, Nigeria turned 61 years after severing ties with the United Kingdom since colonisation ended.

    Nigeria gained her Independence back in 1960 and ever since,

    we the citizens have wondered what we were thinking severing ties with the Colonial Masters, because God being my witness,

    we are yet to find what we have done right since then.

    We are hopeful that the future will bring us something we have always prayed for, a non-corrupt set of leaders, law enforcement and judiciary.

    It is begining to look like our best as a Country was generations ago. Because with $1 to N570 Naira, we have never had it this bad.

    Nigeria is ridden with all kinds of killing spree, all kinds of money laundering tactics, and all kinds of corrupt and fraudulent practices.

    We the citizens love this Country, not minding the fact that sometimes it actually is very very difficult to identify with it,

    following all the tarnished image of our leaders and bad beans, but there are incredibly sincere, smart and significant people in and from this Country.

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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