Customers Accuse #IretiDoyle’s daughter Kachi of #Instagram #scam

    Customers Accuse #IretiDoyle’s daughter Kachi of #Instagram #scam.

    This one get mind oh. And yet we all read about scammers and we call them out.

    Actress Ireti Doyle is having her offspring tarnish her name with a bad business age has done and wouldn’t acknowledge or speak to her victims ,

    and still wants to continue the business. Not a very smart girl is she?

    According to a post from @bimbo_cash : Kachibesryproducts, Ireti Doyle’s daughter is still owing people millions of naira even after Dele Momodu intervened and she promised to pay.

    Today she went ahead to launch another wig sales and this happened at the venue.

    Age is owing a woman 8 million and she blocked her everywhere.

    Posts about her

    An Instagram user @Onyinyeonochie wrote :

    You will not reply my messages, you blocked me from calling your normal call and you are still with my 8 million naira…

    it’s either you send wigs to me, refund me or I can come and pick up from you sales.

    You are doing this because I am not in Nigeria.. Kachi you are heartless and wicked…

    pay me my money or send wigs to me because I don’t see the reason why you will hr owing me wigs worth 8 million naira and will not pick my calls or reply my messages and even have the guts yo block me from calling your normal line….

    atleast update me on what is happening….I don’t think you will like this fire you are about to light up.

    Reposted from @ijeomadaisy Aggrieved customer who had been scammed by Ireti Doyle’s Daughter, Kachi, storms her hair trade fair to demand for her money. She’s waited for close to two years with no delivery made.

    She has been called an Instagram Armed Robber for owing her customers over 8 million naira and blocking them on social media.

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